Dr Yanhee Melasma Cream

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Yanhee Mela Cream is specially formulated by Yanhee Hospital as a new innovation of a skin care product. The thick cream is gentle to skin and does not cause any skin irritation. The cream specifically fixes blemish problems by reducing it and dark spots as well. It treats the facial skin and turns dull skin into a brightened and glowing face. The face becomes clear and smooth as the blemish is lightened by Tranexamic acid and Licorice extract.

Tranexamic acid is well-known among the medical profession to treat facial problems by reducing blemishes and fading out dark spots. Together with Glycolic acid and Licorice extract which are natural extracts that protect the skin from radiation and other pollution, the effective result of the brightened face can be seen quickly and clearly. The combination of these three main substances allows a satisfied result and gains stunning recognition.

Ingredients :

Tranexamic Acid, Licorice Extract, Glycolic Acid

How to use Yanhee Mela Cream to the fullest
1. For those who want to remove blemishes, dark spots and brighten their faces, use Yanhee Whitening Cream in the morning and Yanhee Mela Cream before bedtime after cleansing their faces to get an effective result in a short period of time.
2. For those who have blemish problems and need more facial moisture, use Yanhee Baby Face Cream in the morning and Yanhee Mela Cream before bedtime after cleansing their faces to get an effective result in a short period of time.

Directions :

Apply the cream once a day before bedtime. Put the cream all over the face and massage gently where you want to lighten blemishes or dark spots so it can be absorbed at specific areas.

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The AAD recommends the following steps for patch testing a new skin care product:

  1. Apply the product to a small patch of skin where a person is unlikely to accidentally wash or rub it away. Good areas may include the inside of the arm or bend of the elbow.
  2. Apply the product to a quarter-sized patch of skin. A person should apply the product as thickly as they would when using it regularly.
  3. Leave the product on the patch of skin for as long as it would normally be on the skin. If a person is testing a product that they would usually wash off, such as a cleanser, they should keep the patch on for 5 minutes or as long as the instructions advise.
  4. Repeat the patch test twice a day for between 7–10 days. A reaction may not happen immediately, so it is important to continue applying the product for this length of time.
  5. If a person’s skin reacts to the product, they should wash it off as soon as possible and stop using it. A person can use a cool compress or petroleum jelly to relieve the skin if needed.

Skin care products may contain many different ingredients. Some of these ingredients can irritate a person’s skin or even cause an allergic reaction. By performing a patch test on a small area of skin, a person can see how their skin tolerates a product before committing to using the product over a larger area.


The seller of this item is not a dermatologist nor an expert in skincare. We aim to provide the best selling beauty products and we depend our judgement on which products to sell by reviewing the feedback of users and researching the products online. We are not familiar with the buyer’s skin type, condition, skin history, or sensitivity and can not make personal recommendations of any kind to any buyer. We are not liable for negative or damaging results that may be obtained by proper or improper use of this product on any person.

It is always best to consult your dermatologist before using a skincare product.


  • Do not use when pregnant or nursing
  • Keep of out reach of children

PLEASE NOTE THAT the packaging appearance of the item may not be exactly the same as shown in the pictures as the manufacture may change the look of the packaging every now and then; but the contents are the same.

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